Fishing Reports

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Third and finally day with Rudy, Ron, and Zane was great. We caught 300+lbs in 20 fish. Our best four weighed 32,50,70, and 70. The 50lber is Ron's personal best. Rudy caught the two 70's which is fitting because today is his birthday.
Day two with Rudy, Zane, and Ron. We caught several fish weighing a total of 182lbs. Zane caught the big fish of the day again, breaking his personal best from yesterday. The fish weighed in at 58lbs.

Had a ball with Rudy, Zane, and Ron today. Zane is 7 years old and caught the big fish of the day all by himself weighing in at 50lbs, which is his new personal best. We also had several other fish including a nice 35lber.

Had a fun trip with David today. David broke his personal best 3 times. First with a 58lber, second with a 62lber, and finally with a 72lber. We also had some smaller ones mixed in as well.

Here's Tim with his New Personal Best bluecat from today's trip weighing in at 45lbs. His son&law Jimmy caught the small ones.LOL
Had a great trip with Dennis today. We caught 7 fish for a total weight of 220lbs. Dennis caught his personal best weighing in at 62lbs, he caught a 58lber as well.

Had a good trip with Kody today. We had 5 fish weighing in at 166lbs. We had a 10, 15, 38, 48, and a 55lber.
Had a fun trip with Gary today. Gary caught a couple of nice blues weighing in at 48lbs and 58lbs with some smaller ones mixed in.

Had a great time with Doug Stange of In-Fisherman today. We ended up with 6 fish for our efforts. Doug caught the big fish of the day weighing in at 82lbs, which is his New Personal Best. We also had a 22,24,and a 62lber with a couple of smaller ones mixed in. What a great day with a new friend.







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