Fishing Reports

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Brutal weather for the past two days but we still put a few fish in the boat with Matt and Cody.

Matt with a nice bluecat from today's polar vortex trip.


Great trip with Matt today. We caught well over 100 lbs today. Big fish of the day weighed in at 65 lbs which is Matt's personal best.

Here's Anthony with his personal best from today's trip.

Here's Steve with his personal best bluecat from todays trip weighing in at 40lbs.


Always a good time when Terry and Bill come to fish. Terry has beat Bill the previous two trips catching the biggest fish and today was no different. Terry wins with a 65lber.


Had a great time with Mike, Doug, Ken, and Capt. Hugh Self today. It was a little windy but we still caught 150lbs worth in 6 fish.


Caught well over 100lbs today with David. Big fish of the day weighed in at 45lbs.


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