Fishing Reports

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A slower bite today with Aaron and Daryl. Daryl did catch his personal best flathead though, weighing in at 35lbs.


Had a great time with Danny, Zach, and Uncle Bill this morning. We only fished for 3 hours due to heavy rain and storms. We caught well over 100lbs of fish. Both Uncle Bill and Zach caught their personal best. Zach had a 25lb flathead and Uncle Bill with a 40lb bluecat.


This is the 3rd year in a row that Thomas and his two son's T.J. and Grant have come down from Connecticut to fish with me. We caught 135lbs of fish for the evening. Grant caught the big fish of the trip weighing in at 45lbs.



Had a good trip with Ron and Donnie today. We caught a 100lb of bluecats today with a 42lber for big fish. The 42lber is Donnie Jones personal best.

Had a good trip with Jerry today. The blues were slow but the flatheads made up for it. We caught 4 flatheads weighing in at 26,28,32, and a 42. The 42lber is Jerry's personal best. Had a small bluecat in the mix for a total weight of 136lbs for the day



 It was slow bite today with Jack. We still put over 100lbs in the boat today. Jack caught his personal best bluecat weighing in at 59lbs!


A slower bite today with Jerry, Tim and Jason but we still put some good fish in the boat. Jason caught his Personal Best and big fish of the day with a 48lb Flathead!


Caught several fish with Dustin and Henry today. Dustin had big fish honors for the day with a MASSIVE 68lb FLATHEAD! The fish is also Dustin's New Personal Best

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