Fishing Reports

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Caught several fish with Dustin and Henry today. Dustin had big fish honors for the day with a MASSIVE 68lb FLATHEAD! The fish is also Dustin's New Personal Best.


Had a great trip with Dave and Cindy today. We caught a boat load of fish (lost count), with both of them catching their personal best. Cindy caught a 40lb flathead and Dave with a 62lb bluecat.


 Had a good trip today with Mark and Paul. We caught 200lbs of fish. Mark caught his personal best flathead weighing 40lbs. Paul had big fish of the day and personal best with a 55lb bluecat.

Had a great trip with James today. James caught 7 fish for a total weight of 228lbs. Our five biggest were a 25,35,45,45, and 58lber which is James's new personal best.


Had a fun 3 days with Steve and Meredith. Caught plenty of 20 to 30lb fish the last 2 days but we got the real big ones today. They both caught their personal best today. Meredith with a 61lb bluecat and Steve with a 80lb bluecat.

Had a great trip with Charles and Karen today. Both caught their personal best.

The bite was slow today but Jeff did catch his personal best bluecat weighing in at 62lbs!


Had a cold but fun trip with Terry and Bill today. We caught a few fish with Terry catching big fish of the day and new personal best weighing in at 70lbs. He also lost another big one that pulled him down into a tree. Can't win them all!

Had a great trip with Richard today. Richard caught his personal best weighing in at 80lbs. We also had a 40 and a 44lber with some smaller ones mixed in as well

NEW BOAT RECORD for Wheeler Cats Guide Service today. John catches his new personal best bluecat weighing in at 105lbs!

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