Fishing Reports

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Had a fun trip with Gary today. Gary caught a couple of nice blues weighing in at 48lbs and 58lbs with some smaller ones mixed in.

Had a fun trip tonight with Daryl, Jake, Jacob and Chad. Chad caught a long, big headed, empty belly, spawned out female bluecat that weighed 53lbs. The group also caught some smaller ones to take home for a fish fry.

Numbers were low but the quality was there last night with Mark, Josh, and Lucas. Mark caught the big fish of the night weighing in at 52lbs. Lucas caught the meanest fish of the night weighing in at 35lbs. They also took some smaller ones home for the table

Here is Steven and Hayden with a great double from today's trip.

Had a ball with Dave and Matt today. Dave caught big fish of the day weighing in at 50lbs. Matt had several he keep for supper. Dave also lost a monster that ran him down into a tree. We ended up breaking him off. You win some and lose some.

Had a good trip with Brian and Arnold today until the storms ran us off. Bryan caught a 21lb blue and Arnold caught his New Personal Best Flathead weighing 35lbs. Had a few smaller ones mixed in as well.

Had a great trip with Steve and Jeff today. We caught 8 fish weighing in at 175lbs. We had a 10,10,15,19,20,30, and 31lber. Steve caught the big fish of the day and New Personal Best weighing 40lbs.

Had a fun day with Paul and Gavin today. The fishing was slow but we did manage a couple with Gavin catching his P.B. weighing in at 50lbs.

Had a great time with Doug Stange of In-Fisherman today. We ended up with 6 fish for our efforts. Doug caught the big fish of the day weighing in at 82lbs, which is his New Personal Best. We also had a 22,24,and a 62lber with a couple of smaller ones mixed in. What a great day with a new friend.

Had a fun trip with Fuzz and his son Justin today. Justin caught the big fish of the day weighing in at 70lbs. They also took some home to eat.







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