Fishing Reports

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Always a good time when Terry and Bill come to fish. Terry has beat Bill the previous two trips catching the biggest fish and today was no different. Terry wins with a 65lber.


Had a great time with Mike, Doug, Ken, and Capt. Hugh Self today. It was a little windy but we still caught 150lbs worth in 6 fish.


Caught well over 100lbs today with David. Big fish of the day weighed in at 45lbs.


A slower trip with Jamie and Jim today. We still caught 130lbs worth. Jim caught his personal best and big fish of the day weighing in at 58lbs.


Great trip with Cody, Andy, and Drew today. Started slow but ended well. We caught 175 lbs total with all 3 catching their personal best. Cody with a 32lber, Andy with a 45lber and Drew with a 65lber. Had some smaller ones mixed in as well.


Day 2 with Ron and Wanda. Ron let Wanda catch all but one fish today LOL. Total weight was 208lbs with a 68lber for big fish!


Awesome trip with Jeff and Jimmy today. We caught 295 lbs of fish with both men catching their personal best. Jeff caught big fish of the day weighing in at 75lbs!


Had a cold and windy trip today with Monte and Tammy. We caught 8 fish for a total weight of 160lbs. Tammy caught her new personal best and big fish of the day weighing in at 52lbs!


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