Capt. Jason Bridges
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Good trip with James and Justin today. We put several nice fish in the boat and they also took plenty of small ones home for the grease.


Fun trip with Steve and Meredith. Meredith once again beat Steve for big of the trip.

Fishing Reports


Caught some good fish with Dave and Jason today. Jason's big fish of the day was a 48lb flathead. Dave's big fish of the day was a 68lb bluecat.


Great trip with Roger and Tina today. We put 204lbs worth of fish in the boat. Tina caught the 2 biggest with a 40lb flathead and a 55lb blue.


Great trip with Jay, Gary, and Dan today. Numbers were low but the quality was there. All three men caught their personal best. Gary with a 31lber and Dale with a 42lber but Jay had big fish of the day weighing in at 80lbs!!!!


Great time with Rudy and family today. Everyone caught a big fish before the wind blew us off the water. Kelly had big fish honors of the day weighing in at 60lbs!


Good trip with James, Ken and Tony today. Caught several fish with Tony catching big fish of the day weighing 50lbs.


Great trip with Monty and Jim today. The men caught 12 fish for 205lbs total weight. Jim caught big fish of the day weighing in at 48lbs but Monty wasn't far behind with a 40lber.