200 + lb day with Larry and his son Chase. Quality fish all day!

Fishing Reports


Day 2 with Roger and Tina was slower but both caught their personal best. Tina with a 68 lber and Roger with a 53 lber. Had a few smaller ones mixed in as well.


257 lbs in 7 fish with Will, Taylor, Landon, and William today. The ladies really put it on the guys but everyone caught their personal best. Taylor lead the pack with a massive 62lber!!!!!


Good times with Wayne today. The bite was slow but Wayne did catch his new personal best weighing in at 78 lbs!!!!!!!


Here's Rick with his new personal best weighing in at 57lbs!

Capt. Jason Bridges
phone: 256-738-9461
email: Jason.larisha@gmail.com


Good trip with Kim and crew today. We caught 8 fish for 165lbs. Had 3 in the 30's for big cats of the day.


Great trip with Cushman and Ruth today. We caught several fish and was just shy of 200lbs total. Both caught their personal best. Ruth with a 32lber and Cushman with a 58lber.


Re and I getting in on the post spawn bite this morning. Larisha with a 55lber.


Great trip with Roger and Ashton today. It was Ashton's birthday so Roger let him catch all the fish. He caught 6 fish for 225lbs with a 64lber for big fish of the day and new personal best. Also had a 53,44,32,20 and 12lber.


Just shy of 200lbs in 7 fish for the day with Mike and Danny. Danny had big fish weighing in at 52lbs.


Great trip with Jeff and Jonathan.
Jonathan caught the big fish of the day and his new personal best weighing in at 60lbs!!!!
We also had a 36 and 42 lber with several smaller ones mixed in.